Practicing Gratitude

I have a confession to make. I’m an incurable shopaholic. There are few things that make me happier than spending hours at the shops and coming home with bags full of clothes, books, shoes, make-up and pretty treats. I stay awake at night dreaming of how happy I would be if I could just put enough money aside to buy a Mulberry handbag or how amazing my skin would look after a super expensive deep-skin facial treatment. And you know what the worst thing is? Everything around me that I read, watch or listen to confirms that I’m right. I’m right to think that my life will be better if I buy a whole new wardrobe of pretty clothes. I will definitely be content when I’ve spent all my savings (and then some) on a powder blue convertible. It must be true because I can’t even open my instagram account without someone telling me so.

We live in a disposable society where everyday we are made to feel that we need to always be wanting more, earning more and consuming more instead of appreciating and loving what we already have. The happiest people that I know are not the people who have it all. Instead it is the people who realise that they have all that they need and are grateful for what they have. This is the philosophy that I intend to implement in my life and I want to start each day by taking an account of every good thing in my life and taking nothing for granted.

So today I am thankful for:

  1. Waking up with an abundance of energy and feeling motivated to accomplish. My energy levels have been on a roller coaster over the past few months and no matter how much sleep I get, I have been waking up most mornings feeling drained and slouchy. On the happy chance that I do wake up feeling refreshed and bouncy, I am one happy camper.
  2. I earned my first bonus at my new job. It wasn’t much but it still feels good to be recognised for working hard and to feel appreciated. I never take those things for granted.
  3. The fact that I live in a country where I have more liberty, opportunities and support to pursue my dreams and create a life of my choosing than many other women do around the world. I am also grateful that I live in a society that is fighting for gender equality not just here in Australia but in all nations.
  4. Spending time with loved ones. I just enjoyed the loveliest Easter season with many of the people I love most in the world and it was genuine quality time together where we laughed until our throats were raw, we ate until our bellies were bursting and we made plans for exciting adventures in the days to come. I also received an extremely generous, unexpected surprise over Easter which left me feeling very humble and loved and a little bit awestruck. I have some astoundingly kind people in my life.
  5. The differences I am starting to see in my body. For the past year I have been trying to develop a healthier lifestyle and incorporate more exercise and healthier foods into my diet. It’s been a slow process because I have been struggling with my energy levels but I’m finally starting to see results from my hard work. I can’t even express how good it feels to put on a pair of pants that haven’t fit for years and feel good in them.

I loved writing this list, not only because it reminded me of all the lovely things that have been happening in my life recently but also because now whenever I’m going through a time of feeling a little bit lost or lonely or unloved, I can look back on this and remember that brighter moments exist and that I truly am blessed beyond measure.

What are some things you are grateful for today?



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