32 Things I’ve Learned at 32

Being in my early thirties looks very different from how I pictured it when I was growing up. At the very least, I imagined that I would be married with a house full of children, dogs and bookshelves full of novels I had written myself. This is not even close to my reality right now (apart from the dogs) but I’m so glad! My life has been so full of adventures and experiences that I never would have dreamed of and I have learned so much along the way about myself, about the person that I want to be and about life in general. And so, on the eve of my 32nd birthday, here are 32 things I have learned in my 32 years on this earth.

  1. Nothing tastes more heavenly than Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream.
  2. That being said, ‘a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips’ is no joke anymore.
  3. There is nothing on this earth you can buy that can replace travel experiences.
  4. Family is everything.
  5. You will never know the impact you have on other people.
  6. Seriously, take your make-up off every night.
  7. Seize EVERY day.
  8. Some things that are really, really embarrassing make really funny stories later on.
  9. Keep a journal. You are going to live a marvellous life and you want to remember every single moment.
  10. Say yes to new adventures.
  11. Not everyone is going to like you and that’s ok.
  12. Don’t watch ‘Game of Thrones’ with your uncle. It’s just awkward.
  13. Don’t waste time and tears on people who don’t value you.
  14. It’s ok to messy-cry in public sometimes.
  15. Don’t measure yourself against other people. This is a hard one but very important.
  16. Wear suncream. Always.
  17. Learn to forgive. If not for the other person’s sake but for your own peace of mind.
  18. No one will ever, ever replace your mom.
  19. Be kind but remember that kindness is not the same as weakness.
  20. Not everyone loves in the same way and that’s ok.
  21. Bad boys in high school turn into beer-bellied, deadbeat dads as grown-ups. Don’t be fooled by leather jackets and facial hair.
  22. Even though some scars last a lifetime, time really does heal all wounds.
  23. Never take good health for granted.
  24. The love for your fur babies is indescribable!
  25. Save those judgements until you’ve walked a mile in someone else’s shoes.
  26. There is so much peace in prayer and handing problems over to God.
  27. I’m pretty sure this is an Oscar Wilde quote but don’t ever settle for anyone who makes you feel ordinary. There should always be butterflies.
  28. Spend more time doing things you love and being with people who love you.
  29. Scary looking teenagers are really just toddlers in grown-up bodies. They might not look like it but they need just as much love.
  30. Believe in the beauty of originality. There is nothing more breathtakingly beautiful than someone being completely themselves.
  31. Love yourself.
  32. Take great risks and live a life that you will be proud to look back on one day.



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7 thoughts on “32 Things I’ve Learned at 32

  1. Sandra says:

    You are a wise young woman, Rachel. Some people live to a ripe old age and never look to understand themselves, their lives or their place in this big, beautiful world God allowed us to experience. 💕


    • The Perks of Being a Wildflower says:

      Thank-you so much! Haha, well if that’s true, I’m in for an amazing year then!! 😉 Take care and thanks for the kind comments, they mean a lot! Xox


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