Ten Happy Things

At the beginning of this year, I made a resolution to start being more mindful of practicing gratitude as part of my self-care plan to help calm my anxiety. One of my practices this year has been writing a weekly list of ten blessings I have in my life and no matter how awful my week has been, how crazy my anxiety has gotten or how topsy-turvy life has become, I always manage to find at least ten things each week that I’m grateful for and finding those ten things helps a little bit in keeping my thoughts in perspective and my attitude in check. Here is my list for this week and I would love to hear some things that you’re grateful for in your life at the moment.

Family time. On Thursday we celebrated my dad’s 54th birthday by going out to dinner at the local chip shop and to watch Suicide Squad at the cinema. We take up nearly a whole cinema row when we all go together and I love the fact that we are a family that enjoy spending time together and doing simple, fun things together.

Job opportunities. This week I got a call about a job interview for a position I have been interested in pursuing for a while now. After months of sending out endless job applications, just getting an interview feels like a massive breakthrough and regardless of the outcome of the interview, I feel very blessed right now for this exciting opportunity.

Boyfriend bliss. Next Wednesday, I will have been dating my sweet, kind, caring boyfriend for exactly two months and we are in a happy little bubble of newly-dating bliss. He treats me like an absolute queen and without getting too mushy, all I can say is that I couldn’t be happier right now.

Writing and blogging time. One of the blessings of being in casual work at the moment is that I’ve had so much time lately to work on my writing and blog posts. Prepare to be flooded with blog posts!

Meeting inspiring people. The church that I attend supports many different people doing mission work around the world and on Sunday morning, we had a teacher speak to us about the work she is doing in orphanages and women’s prisons in Afghanistan. I can’t even comprehend the bravery it must take for a single woman to go to Afghanistan by herself with the hope of sharing her faith in a country where Christianity is forbidden and women are treated so differently. After hearing some of her stories, I feel very blessed to live in a country where I have the freedom that I experience every day as a woman and as a Christian.

Afternoon naps. I don’t think this requires explanation 🙂

Getting organised. I decided at the beginning of this month that August will be my month to get organised. I’m dedicating the whole month to sorting out, clearing out and getting all those annoying jobs done that are constantly clogging up my ‘to-do’ list but never end up getting done such as ‘organise my teaching paperwork’ and ‘clean out bathroom drawers’. Because I moved around a lot during my teenage years, I became a terrible hoarder and I find it really difficult to throw things away, no matter how old or worn-out they are. So I’m actually really proud of myself with the amount of clearing out I’ve managed to do so far. It’s a teeny amount in the grand scheme of things but I’m slowly starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

New Phone. After weeks of researching and phoning around different phone companies, I finally got a new phone plan and the new iPhone 6s and I just love it. I’m so happy with the clarity of the photos and the video recording quality so maybe this will be motivation to start that youtube channel I’ve been thinking about doing for months now.

Rainy days. I am probably in the minority here but I just love rainy days and I can’t get enough of all this beautiful rain we’ve been having here in Perth this winter. Every year when spring arrives, I always feel like I’m not quite done with winter yet but this year Perth has had a pretty decent visit from Jack Frost and I am loving it.

Extra work opportunities. This week I’ve been given the opportunity to work some extra shifts at work which means more money to go shopping with. This is always a blessing in my eyes.




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