Ten Happy Things

Life lately has been truly wonderful. I feel very blessed to have a life that is filled right now with special people, happy surprises and exciting adventures around the corner. For a long time I felt stuck in an unpleasant rut and was not looking towards the future with hopeful eyes so I’m appreciating every blissful moment. These are ten things that have made me happy lately and I hope there are many more to come.

Weekend Adventures. Last weekend I went on a family trip down to South Yunderup and stayed in a lovely guest house on the Murray River. We ate malteasers while sitting around a log fire, ate dinner in a cosy country pub and sat on the jetty while my mom fished on the river for hours and hours. It was bliss.


Spring Excitement. It has been such a lovely, long winter with plenty of rain and chilly mornings so I can finally say that I’ve had my fill of winter this year. I’m ready and waiting for Spring! I was out on my little patio this week tidying up and planting some herbs so I’m excited to get that ready to be used for sitting out and reading in warmer weather.

Father’s Day. This is something that I take for granted too often but I got to spend Father’s Day with my dad this year, something that many people my age don’t get to do. I also got to spend part of Father’s Day with my boyfriend’s family and have baby cuddles with his tiny newborn niece. There is no sweeter smell on earth than newborn baby smell!


Acts of Kindness. On Saturday while I was at work, my sweet boyfriend drove my beloved little Ginger Ninja to his house and vacuumed, cleaned and polished it for me until it looked like a brand new car again. I think this might have had something to do with the fact that  he was sick of having to lift his legs over the ten coffee mugs littering the floor of my passenger seat but I’m still very grateful 🙂

New Arrivals. This week my cousin arrived from England to stay with us for a year on a working visa. I’m so impressed with how brave she is. I never would have had the courage at 21 to leave my family and fly all the way to the other side of the world by myself. I’m so excited about this new adventure she’s about to have and I’m looking forward to being able to share part of it with her.


Relaxation. On Monday, my mom and I spent a very chilled out day together at our local shopping centre. We used to do this all the time but life has been in the way a bit lately. We had lunch and shopped and went for the most relaxing massages ever at one of the beauty salons. It was a perfect day.

New Books. One of my projects this year has been working through my ginormous ‘to-read’ pile of books that has been accumulating for years. The pile covers two shelves on my bookshelf and are doubled up and squeezed together. I’m proud to say I’ve managed to whittle it down to nearly one shelf since January but the books that are left to read are mainly ones I’ve been putting off reading. They are not exactly light reading. So when I was shopping for my dad’s Father’s Day present last week, there’s a possibility I may have slipped a few new books into my basket to break up the intensity of switching straight from Anna Karenina to Mein Kampf. I can’t wait to start reading them.

Netflix show. I have been binge-watching some great new shows on Netflix these past few weeks! I’ll be including them in my July/August favourites post later on in the week so make sure you check those out as there are some real goodies! And, as always, I am always open to new suggestions 🙂

Christmas shopping. I have always been one of those people who start planning for Christmas in June and play Christmas carols all year round. It is no surprise to anyone who knows me that I’ve already started my Christmas shopping and am so excited to give my presents. I found some real bargains this week that I know my family are going to love so the problem now is how I’m going to wait until Christmas to give them out.

What are some things that made you happy this week?




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