September Goals

Happy September everyone!

I’ve seen a lot of bloggers sharing their September goals over the past week and it got me very inspired to think about what I want to achieve before the end of 2016 and reassess the list of resolutions I made at the beginning of this year. Some I’m close to achieving (resolution 8: double my number of Instagram followers. Yay!) and others I don’t have a prayer of finishing (read ALL the books on my to-do pile. Only 48 more to go!). I feel like September is a good month to have a good think about making realistic goals and really power towards them. September is also the start of Spring here in Australia so it feels like a good time of year to shake off all those wintery cobwebs and get started on some exciting new projects and life changes.

Try Something New

Even though my life has been full of fun changes this year, I feel like I haven’t really pushed my boundaries much this year and have been very content inside my safe, comfortable bubble. I’ve found myself going to the same restaurants, the same shopping centres, doing the same gym work-outs and it’s been getting a little bit hum-drum. My challenge to myself for the rest of this year is to try one new thing each month so if anyone has any recommendations, send them my way!


Image found on instagram @marywangerin

Change Some Eating Habits

I’ve been watching a few food documentaries on Netflix lately such as Cowspiracy and Food Inc. that have been making me re-think the amount of meat I have in my diet. While I don’t want to give up meat completely, I definitely want to introduce some meat-free alternatives into my diet and start with having at least one meat-free day a week. I also want to start growing some of my own herbs and veggies in my garden so I know exactly what they have been grown in, what they have been sprayed with and where they have grown. I don’t exactly have a green thumb though so this will be challenging. Pinterest is going to be my best friend for the next few months!


Less lunches like these!


My goal this year was to build up my fitness and hit the gym at least five times a week. I was doing great before winter but rainy days and the enticement of hot chocolate in front of a warm fireplace have done terrible things to my work out schedule.  As a result, I’ve fallen way, way behind. Now that the warmer weather is coming, I have no excuse for not getting my sweat on so time to dust off the dumbbells and get this booty moving!


Does being pulled along behind a boat count as exercise?

Get Organised for Blogmas!

Anyone else doing Blogmas this year? For anyone who doesn’t know, Blogmas is a December project where you blog every day of the month until Christmas Day, generally on a Christmassy topic. I love Christmas so much, this project is right up my street. However, seeing as I struggle to finish more than one post a week, daily blogging will be quite the challenge and will require all the organisation skills I possess.


Work on my Spring Wardrobe

Now that the weather is starting to get warmer, it feels like it’s time for brighter, lighter clothing and accessories. If you look in my wardrobe right now, you will be greeted with a wall of black, brown, dark blue and all different shade of grey (not fifty, but close!). I love the Spring colour that are in this season and want to try and introduce some of the blush, lilac and nude pink tones into my wardrobe so it’s time to get my shop on.


Paris in Springtime – flowers everywhere!

What are some goals you’ve set for yourself this year? Let me know in the comments x





5 thoughts on “September Goals

  1. urbantutu says:

    My biggest one was to spend more time with my daddy. I see my whole family at least once a week, but spending one on one time with my dad has been gold. It could be for a cup of tea, or a walk , or taking him to any specialist appointment he has. I have tried to commit to 2 hours once a fortnight just me and him time. Good luck my lovely with all your goals. Much love 😊

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