January/February Favourites

First favourites post of 2017! I have really enjoyed putting together my list of January and February favourites as I’ve been lucky enough to try some beautiful products these past two months that I’m very excited to share. I would love to hear what you’re loving this month so please let me know in the comments box below. Enjoy!


Matte lips and nails – I’m really loving my matte lips and nails at the moment and the best matte lipstick I’ve found so far has got to be the NYX liquid suede range.


I’m really fussy with my matte lipsticks as I tend to get really dry lips anyway so having anything on my lips that make them even drier just doesn’t work for me. The NYX liquid suede lipsticks are so light, it feels like rubbing water on your lips. I don’t find them to be drying but I do recommend when reapplying to completely wipe off any leftover lipstick first and then apply fresh otherwise it tends to look a bit caked-on.

Skincare – One of my resolution this year was to take better care of my skin and to invest in some good quality skincare products. The Body Shop Vitamin C range and Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost skincare products were recommended to me as being extra nourishing and hydrating and I must say that I love both ranges.


From The Body Shop Vitamin C range, I bought the Daily Glow Cleansing Polish and the Glow Boosting Microdermabrasion.  Out of the two products, I probably prefer the daily cleansing polish over the microdermabrasion. The microdermabrasion is a thick paste and I feel like I have to use a lot more than I probably should to get my face feeling clean.  On the other hand, the cleansing polish has a really good scrub and my face feels refreshed and clean after using it. The citrusy fragrance is also a big plus for me.

From the Neutrogena Hydro Boost range, I bought the Water Gel and the Hydro Boost Serum. These products are absolutely gorgeous and I’ve introduced both into my everyday cleansing routine. I apply the water gel every day under my make-up and it gives my make-up a much smoother finish than any primer has before. I use the serum in my evening cleanse, especially if I have exfoliated or used a face mask as it soaks straight into my skin and leaves it feeling lovely and soft.


Cotton On Body T-shirts – Cotton On Body do the cutest seasonal pyjamas and loungewear and their current range is a sparkly, spicy chilli theme. I’m not a massive fan of their pyjama pants as they’re a little short for my liking but their shirts are soft and really comfy. Also I’m a sucker for anything in a glitter print so I bought the ‘I’m a little chilli’ print and the ‘Feeling hot hot hot!’ print and I love them both.



Marble make-up brush holder – I’m currently in the process of revamping my bathroom and introducing dusky pinks, mixed metals and marble. This make-up brush holder from Target goes with my theme perfectly and even though it isn’t technically a make-up brush holder, it’s a really good size for my brushes.



I have been reading a LOT of books lately. The two books I have enjoyed the most so far this year have been Beautiful Broken Things by Sara Barnard and Girl, Interrupted by Susanna Kaysen.


Beautiful Broken Things is a YA novel that was recommended to me when I asked a friend if she knew any books that explored friendship and mental health. When she suggested this book, I wasn’t really expecting more than a bit of a fun, fluffy weekend read from the blurb and the look of the cover (as beautiful as it is). What I discovered instead was a novel that is actually very beautifully written, thought-provoking and extremely hard to put down.

I was conflicted about whether or not to put this book in my monthly favourites as there were parts of the book I really liked and parts that I really disliked (Caddy, Caddy, Caddy!). The characters were believable but many were infuriating. The relationship between Suzanne and Caddy is realistic but so very flawed. In the end, this book made me think and think for days and for that reason alone, it will always get gold stars from me.

Girl, Interrupted was quite a different read from Beautiful Broken Things. It’s an autobiographical account of Susanna Kaysen’s time spent in a mental hospital for women in the 1960’s. I find stories like these so fascinating but at the same time, deeply disturbing.  I’m not a fan of scary movies but I think I get my ‘horror movie fix’ from stories like this, which are all the more horrifying because not only are they true but because they could have happened to any one of us not even that long ago.




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